Marijuana Legalization Status in Canada

Overview of the laws regulating medical and recreational marijuana uses in Canada and the Liberal Party legalization action plan.

To fully understand the legal status of marijuana in Canada, it is important to differentiate between medical and recreational marijuana use. There are currently an estimate of approximately 65,000 medical marijuana patients across Canada. Most of these patients have wondered what the legal status of marijuana in Canada was prior to making their decision to use it for medical purposes. Most of them probably questioned if it had the same status from province to province or city to city. These are major considerations in the initial decision process of medical marijuana patients. To answer these questions, it is essential to look at the legal history of marijuana as well as the current Liberal federal government’s position and action plan

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14 Facts About Medical Marijuana To Improve Your Life

Overview of the uses of cannabis and associated physiological and psychological health benefits of medical marijuana treatment.  

As I have been reading and researching recently on the benefits of medical cannabis consumption, I came upon some very interesting facts that I assume most people don’t know. I decided to come up with the most fascinating facts in the list below:

Hempcrete Is The Best Construction Composite

Hemp and marijuana are two synonyms? They both come from the cannabis sativa plant, however hemp is used primarily for industrial products and contains low levels of THC. Marijuana on the other hand is primarily used for medical purposes and contains varying levels of THC.

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6 Things You Need To Know To Help Register For Medical Marijuana Card

Overview of the legal framework requirements, steps, resources, and guidelines concerning acquiring a medical marijuana card in Canada.

If I asked you to describe a typical medical marijuana cardholder, what would be your answer?
The first person I met who had such a card definitely didn’t fit the average description nor the associated stereotype. This person is a successful businesswoman with a beautiful family who had never consumed cannabis prior to obtaining her card. She wanted to better understand all aspects of marijuana culture and be able to make up her own mind before consuming if she decided to do so.

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